IDF night attack in Gaza

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 IDF night attack in Gaza

In Nirim Ein, Ha Shlosha and Kisufim for the first time since Operation Dawn alarms were sounded on the evening of 3 November. After that, the IDF confirmed that a launch was made from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, and that the “Iron Dome” hit the rocket. In addition, three unsuccessful launches were made, rockets fell on the territory of Gaza. In response, the Air Force attacked the Hamas terrorist organization's underground missile production facility tonight.

missiles for the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF spokesman said in a statement.

The IDF also said that “the terrorist organization Hamas is responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip and it will security violations against the State of Israel.

The military wing of Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the rocket attack and announced that it was a reaction to the assassination of an Islamic Jihad commander in Jenin: “The blood of the martyr Farouk Salama will open the gates of hell for the leaders of the occupation.”

On the morning of November 3, security forces entered to the Jenin refugee camp to arrest a high-ranking member of the Islamic Jihad, Farouk Salama, who was due to marry this Saturday. A shootout followed. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported 2 dead and 4 injured.

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