IDF intelligence chief: Iran will be able to enrich uranium up to 90%

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 IDF intelligence chief: Iran will be able to enrich uranium up to 90%

Iran will probably soon be able to enrich uranium to the 90% level. This opinion was expressed at the INSS conference by the head of intelligence of the IDF, Major General Aharon Khaliva. According to him, the world will soon be tested. To date, the Islamic Republic has never dared to cross the line of uranium enrichment. Khaliva noted that in the 4.5 years that have passed since the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal, the Islamic Republic has moved forward in developing military capabilities. The major general at the conference also noted that Iran was considering launching a terrorist attack on the World Cup and was only dissuaded out of concern about how Qatar might react.

Haliva also spoke about the ongoing in Iran of the protests and their aftermath. He said the regime was seriously concerned that it would be overthrown by the current combination of prolonged protests and sanctions imposed on it by the US and the West. Despite all this, the Major General does not believe “the regime is in danger.”

The IDF intelligence chief stressed that Hezbollah is Tehran's main partner, while many other Iranian-sponsored proxies , contribute less to Iran's overall strategy.

“Iran is frustrated with its proxies,” Khaliva said.

However, despite this temporary Iranian frustration with its proxies , “They won't stop. They won't stop in Iraq, Yemen or Syria” and Israel must be ready for the Ayatollahs to expand to other countries.

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