IDF forces arrested terrorists who attacked in Almog

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 IDF forces arrested terrorists who attacked Almog

IDF and Shin Bet forces have arrested a gang of terrorists who carried out a shooting attack at a restaurant in Jericho. The arrest took place in the Akat Jaber refugee camp near Jericho, killing several armed terrorists who opened fire on the IDF, who were carrying out searches and arrests.

The purpose of the operation was to arrest a Hamas terrorist cell that carried out a shooting attack on a restaurant at Almog Junction on a Saturday about a week and a half ago. During the attack, two terrorists, armed with weapons and wearing body armor, approached the entrance to the restaurant, where at that moment there were about 30 visitors, to carry out a mass execution. Their weapons jammed and the attackers fled in the direction of Jericho.

Intelligence received from the Shin Bet and Haman showed that the armed men barricaded themselves in an apartment in the Akat Jaber refugee camp near Jericho with the help of their family members and local residents. Last week, the Shin Bet and the IDF carried out another operation to try to get them arrested, and attempts to locate the members of the squad have continued since then. a shootout broke out on the spot. The IDF managed to neutralize the terrorists, some of whom participated in the attack at the Almog junction. There are no casualties among our forces.

Two squad members and five more armed terrorists were killed.

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