IDF destroys Bedouin marijuana plantations in landfills

 IDF destroys Bedouin marijuana plantations in polygons

After two months of intelligence gathering, the IDF, along with the police and the Green Patrol, carried out an operation to destroy the Bedouin drug-growing infrastructure.

was the destruction of plantations and greenhouses of marijuana at the IDF training grounds. Among others, the narcotic infrastructure on the territory of the armored corps training grounds in the Shizafon camp was destroyed.

If in 2020 the IDF destroyed 600 greenhouses at its training grounds, then in 2021 – more than 1200.

Despite the fact that the Bedouins try to hide their greenhouses and make them difficult to detect from the air, the IDF has a means of identifying such structures. So far, the IDF has not encountered armed resistance in the destruction of the greenhouses.

Operation Yarok Boer ended on January 20, according to Makor Rishon. Dozens of greenhouses were destroyed during the operation. The army continues to gather intelligence – and prepare for any possible scenario of confrontation with drug traffickers.

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