IDF demolishes terrorist's house in Jenin

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 IDF forces demolish terrorist's house in Jenin

IDF troops on the night of Monday to Tuesday destroyed the house of the terrorist Raed Hazem, who last April fired at Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, as a result of which three people were killed, the press confirmed secretary of the IDF.

Palestinian Arab media reported that the IDF entered Jenin in large numbers and surrounded a building in the city where the terrorist lived. According to reports, Israeli soldiers were fired upon. One of the militants was killed during a firefight.

Hazem was eliminated by Israeli security forces back in April, a few hours after the attack. The terrorist was discovered by the Shin Bet while hiding near a mosque in Jaffa and was eliminated during a firefight with Shin Bet and Yamam Counter-Terrorist Unit.

Major General Yehuda Fuchs, head of the IDF Central Command, signed an order to confiscate and demolish Hazem's house in early May.

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