IDF: Closing the checkpoint is more effective than a military response to shelling

 IDF: Closing checkpoint is more effective than military response to shelling

CAN reports that the IDF has found a new excuse for the lack of a military response to rocket attacks from Gaza.

Total for the last six rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza for a week.

The decision not to retaliate was allegedly taken by the southern command of the IDF. The military allegedly told Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Minister Benny Gantz: “14,000 Palestinians will stay at home tomorrow. This will cause millions of shekels of damage to the Gaza economy, and such a sanction is more effective than a retaliatory attack after a rocket attack.

At the same time, the military-political establishment is preparing “for the possibility of several days hostilities” which “may begin immediately”. This will happen if the economic measures do not have the desired effect and the shelling continues.

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