IDF: Children killed in Jabalia by Islamic Jihad

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The IDF is investigating reports of the deaths of four children in Jabalia. This was announced by the representative of the IDF. The Palestinian media spread the information that it was Israel that struck the house. According to the IDF, the cause of the children's deaths was the failed launch of Islamic Jihad.


“There have been no attacks by Israeli security forces in Jabaliya in recent hours. This is a failed missile launch by Islamic Jihad,” the statement said.

“Every salvo fired by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization is a double war crime. They shoot at civilians, and use the inhabitants of Gaza as human shields. This incident is an example of the damage caused by “Islamic Jihad” residents of the Gaza Strip. Israel regrets harming the innocent,” the head of the national information and outreach department said in a statement. IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Ran Kokhav said that there is still no complete certainty that a high-ranking representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad was eliminated with the help of a fighter jet in the evening. Khaled Mansour, who, along with his assistant, was hiding in an apartment in Rafah. “The operation was approved by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense. Khaled Mansour wanted to start firing and launch an anti-tank missile attack. He was the planner and in charge of the anti-tank attack in the last few days,” Kochav said. According to him, Mansour was also responsible for killing Israelis, including IDF soldiers, during Operation Wall Guard. “This is a clear signal to Islamic Jihad – they will not threaten the people of Israel and their security,” he said.

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