IDF bombed Gaza missile manufacturing center

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 IDF bombed Gaza missile manufacturing center

During the night of December 4, the IDF attacked targets of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza after a rocket was fired at Israel last night, which fell in the area of ​​​​the barrier fence in the central part of the Gaza Strip.

After the attack on the territories bordering Gaza, rocket alarm sirens sounded twice. According to the IDF, the Air Force attacked the “central object” on the production of Hamas missiles and a terrorist tunnel in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

IDF planes attacked a weapons workshop of the terrorist organization Hamas. This facility is the central site for the production of most of the organization's missiles in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, a terrorist organization's tunnel in the southern part of the Gaza Strip was attacked. The Air Force later attacked a Hamas military position. This was in response to attempts to fire on Israeli aircraft during the attacks.

The Hamas-affiliated Shahab channel announced that the organization had fired two more rockets from southern Gaza. Meanwhile, an Egyptian source told the Palestinian news site Denmark al-Watan that Egyptian intelligence is in talks with Palestinian factions to prevent the Gaza situation from escalating. “Islamic Jihad” for killing in a firefight last week in Jenin two terrorists of this organization, one of whom was a senior field commander. Meanwhile, IDF soldiers arrested a suspect last night as he tried to cross the northern Gaza Strip and into Israeli territory. The suspect was unarmed and was handed over for further investigation by the security forces.

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