IDF blows up 'two most important Hamas factories'

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 IDF blew up

Israeli media disseminated information about the purpose of the IDF retaliatory strike against Hamas targets in Gaza on the morning of July 16.

IDF struck a missile capability of terrorists. Two Hamas missile factories, one above ground and one underground, were attacked.

These are “very significant attacks” because Hamas allegedly does not have a large missile production capability in Gaza, and attempts to smuggle large missiles to the Palestinian enclave is hampered by Israeli-Egyptian defense cooperation.

Hamas tried to spread on social networks the information that as a result of Israeli attacks, the observation tower opposite Nativ Ha Asar was not destroyed. This is somewhat contradicted by the video of powerful explosions in Gaza after the attack. The IDF commented on the Hamas claims: “They are mumbling about some snuffy tower, while we demolished two long-range missile factories with 16 tons of explosives.”

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