Ideas, imaginations and practices: how to diversify sex with a partner quarantined

Ідеї, фантазії та практики: як урізноманітнити секс з партнером на карантині

how to improve sex

There comes a time when you don’t know how to improve your intimate relationship with your partner, after all, already tried everything. But maybe not all? Prepared for you a great list of what you can do to sex became more gentle, and fun – powerful.

It is important to remember that we are talking about doubles sex, so all you need to discuss with a partner. We offer you a list of what can be done, and your task is to figure out if it suits you both. If you have specific questions or concerns about specific items, discuss it with a partner or ask the experts. Among 30 options, you are sure to find something that haven’t tried but would like!

And then have fun!

Ідеї, фантазії та практики: як урізноманітнити секс з партнером на карантині

How to spice up sex with partner

  1. To do foreplay before sex long
  2. Make erotic massage to the partner / to partner made me a erotic massage
  3. To dance Striptease watch Striptease
  4. Masturbate in front of partner to watch a partner masturbate / masturbating together
  5. Watch together porn to show your partner your favorite porn to favorite porn partner
  6. To make a playlist for sex
  7. To make photos during sex / make an erotic photo session
  8. To shoot video during sex
  9. To have sex in front of mirror
  10. To Wake partner oral sex to partner to Wake you oral sex
  11. To use a different lubricant during sex (stimulating, cooling, flavoring)
  12. To use sex toys during sex
  13. Loud moaning to partner loud moaning
  14. To use a vulgar or sensual words during sex, to the partner used those words
  15. To be rougher during sex / to parter was more rough
  16. Try new poses
  17. To try role-playing
  18. Use erotic lingerie and accessories from a sex shop (mask, sword belts and the like)
  19. Swallow semen to partner swallow cum
  20. Cum on *put the right place to partner cumshot on *put the right place
  21. Sit your partner on the face to a partner sat on your face
  22. To caress, to arouse a partner’s fingers / to do partner
  23. Anal sex / rimming / double penetration (partner and sex-toy)
  24. Sex in the Jacuzzi
  25. To try sexting – sex correspondence
  26. To have sex at a distance using sex toys remote control
  27. Tie partner’s eyes and experiment to did partner with you
  28. To use in games during sex food – smear, lick
  29. To have sex as to be seen by others (online videos, with the Windows open and the like) to spy on other
  30. To try role reversal

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