“Ideal child”: the mother of the Perm shooter testified

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The guy did not like people and was fond of weapons.

The mother of the Perm shooter Timur Bekmansurov said that his son was calm and loved animals. However, the guy's relationship with people seemed to be more complicated. In addition, the mother admitted that her son had long dreamed of buying a gun, reports Chronicle.info with reference to Channel 24.

The woman noted that her son was especially fond of cats. She is sure the guy never drank alcohol or smoked.

There was no aggression on the part of his son

The mother called her son & # 171; ideal child & # 187 ;. According to her, there was never any aggression from him.

& # 171; As far as I know, he read a lot of information on the military topic, in particular about Syria, where his father was on a business trip earlier & # 8230; I don’t know any hobbies of his son, except for weapons and history & # 187 ;, – said the woman .

She noted that about a month ago, her son deleted his page & # 171; Vkontakte & # 187 ;. In addition, she added that the guy was at home all the time.

Bekmansurov did not like people

The woman believes that her son was sociable and easily got acquainted with people. He was also very smart and knew psychology. Despite this, the mother notes another thing – that the son still did not like people.

I can say that the son has always disliked people. Communicated only with a certain circle of people, did not like noisy places, loved peace, silence, to be alone at home, – added the mother.

The woman did not see overalls. She said that her son had previously ordered a green military helmet. However, he explained that he was just interested. In the summer, the guy painted it black.

The shooter was often sick

The mother shared that the guy grew up as an inactive child, because he was constantly sick. He had asthma.

At an early age he mastered the computer. At first he taught the alphabet there, and then, from about 7 years old, he began to play computer games. They were about military subjects.

I studied well at school

According to my mother, academic performance was very good – no Cs.

& # 171; Studies it was easy for him, his memory was excellent. I think that this is due to the fact that I constantly studied with him at home, since he did not go to kindergarten & # 187; – says the woman.

However, in grades 5 – 6, the son was often ill. I missed classes due to asthma attacks. Therefore, school performance deteriorated. Since then, the guy has increasingly begun to play computer games.

Parents divorced

When his son finished the second grade, his mother moved to Perm permanently, because she was offered the position of chief accountant there … She said that she later divorced her husband.

He (husband – 24 channel) did not cope with the situation that we had a sick child. He started drinking, not spending the night at home for several days, the mother continued.

After the woman left, the son stayed to live in Glazov with his grandmother. When the guy finished 4th grade, his mother took him to her. They lived together.

Bekmansurov recently broke up with a girl

The shooter was dating a classmate. They studied together until grade 9.

& # 171; As far as I know, in the spring of 2021 they separated. For what reason, I don't know & # 187 ;, – added the mother.

The woman recalled that her son had a dream to become a military man or work in the police, but for health reasons he would not have gone there. Therefore, I decided to enter the Faculty of Law in the specialty & # 171; forensic examination & # 187 ;.

The guy dreamed of buying a gun

According to the woman, the guy has not played computer for the last three years games. He sold the computer for parts because it broke.

It seems to me that from childhood my son was interested in the topic of weapons, he often talked about this topic with his father. Over the past three years, he often began to tell me that when he turns 18, he will buy himself a gun,
– the woman admitted.

She stressed that she was categorically against it. However, the father calmly reacted to these words. He thought it was normal for a man.

What is known about the shooting at Perm University

  • At the university in Perm on September 20, 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov opened fire on people.
  • 6 people died. In addition, 24 people were injured.
  • The students tried to escape. They jumped out of windows or barricaded themselves in the auditorium.
  • Bekmansurov had been bragging about his plans online the day before. They say that the shooter has been collecting money for weapons since the 10th grade.
  • Bekmansurov was going to attack the school in which he once studied. At the same time, he later changed his mind. He stated that he did not want to spend the last minutes of his life there.
  • At first it was reported that Bekmansurov had died during his detention. Then it was denied. He was badly wounded, so the shooter is now in intensive care.
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