IAEA: Iran has increased stockpiles of enriched uranium

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 IAEA: Iran Increased Enriched Uranium Stockpiles

Iran has further increased its reserves of highly enriched uranium. According to the Associated Press, this is stated in the IAEA report. The UN agency has criticized Tehran for continuing to prevent inspectors from monitoring Iranian nuclear facilities. According to experts, as of October 22, Iran had approximately 62.3 kg of uranium enriched to 60%, which is 6.7 kg more than in the last IAEA report provided in September. Overall, Iran's stockpiles of all enriched uranium stood at 3,673.7 kg, down 267.2 kg from the last quarterly report. It is clarified that the IAEA was unable to verify the exact size of Iran's stocks of enriched uranium due to the restrictions that Tehran imposed on inspectors last year.

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