“I was paralyzed.” Moshe Ivgi accused of ex-rape 36 years ago

S., a 70-year-old resident of northern Israel, filed a complaint with the Zikhron Yaakov police accusing Israeli actor Moshe Ivgi of rape back in 1986.

The rape allegedly took place 36 years ago when S. lived next door to Ivgi in Tel Aviv.

S. claims that she filed the complaint after when she learned that Ivgi was seeking a reduction in the prison term he was serving for sexual harassment.

S. claims she knew Ivgi because she lived next door and their children played together. According to her version, Ivgi once came to her house, threw her on the couch and brutally raped her, while she was “paralyzed by the shock of what was happening.” After that, S. “superhuman effort” got rid of Ivga and “thrown him out the door”.

When asked why she didn't file a complaint at the time, the woman replied: 'Who would have believed me? He was so famous… I would have just been stoned. I didn't tell anyone because no one would believe me – and I would have suffered twice. In those days, I couldn't go and complain to the police”.

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