I throw all of you! New epic shame Putin. Photo

Я вас всех кину! Новый эпический позор Путина. Фото

There is a new work of Andrei Petrenko, which depicts Putin

So the famous Ukrainian cartoonist ridiculed the curiosity with Putin-a judoka.

As you know, February 14 in the Russian Federation during training in judo, Russian President Vladimir Putin was injured where he had to go to the doctors.

Recently, the network showed a caricature of Ukrainian artist Andrey Petrenko as a reaction to the above event.

In the picture you can see the judo like Putin with a flag of Russia on a kimono. The caricature is the inscription:

“I will throw all of you”.

Photos on Twitter showed the public blogger Fascists in Donetsk.

Я вас всех кину! Новый эпический позор Путина. Фото

We will remind, the General said, who can kill with impunity Russian aggressor.

Ex-MP, Hero of Ukraine, General-Lieutenant Grigory Omelchenko wants the case to personally kill the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin:

“In April 2014 live stream one of the channels I just said, I knew that Putin was listening to that whenever possible Putin will be liquidated by me or my team. And it will all be in the framework of the current legislation and norms of international law “.

Я вас всех кину! Новый эпический позор Путина. Фото

He also added that from the point of view of international law, laws of war, national legislation and the Constitution, every citizen of Ukraine to the physical elimination of Putin is not committing crimes as it acts in a state of extreme necessity and necessary defense. But this, according to him, applies only to citizens of Ukraine.

Recall, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia should be punished for aggressive behavior on the world stage and failure to comply with international law.

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“We need to make sure that the non-observance by Russia of international law and a violation of the rules-based order, which for decades was the basis for peace and security for all NATO allies, will have a price and consequences,” — said Stoltenberg.

We will remind, Zhirinovsky has disgraced the word about Ukraine, he must go to the cemetery.

As he wrote Politeka, released towards the Russian rocket burst rage Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that on the Crimean bridge, it turned out that was most afraid of Putin.

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