“I recognized her from behind.” A woman from the north of Israel cheated on both her husband and her lover

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A man from the north of Israel was sure that his wife was having an affair with a Pilates instructor, and for the sake of "peace in the house" he asked her to leave the class.

The woman replied that “a Pilates instructor is an instructor after all, and your wild imagination knows no bounds.” Spouses, both occupying high positions, led an almost ordinary life. Only a year later, when the husband had a “golden piece of evidence”, he turned to lawyers.

It turned out that the Pilates instructor, who was suspected of having an affair with a woman, had CCTV footage showing the two are seen interacting in the studio where the classes were held. According to her husband, the hot film fell into his hands from the coach himself, who decided to take revenge on the woman – after he himself caught her cheating.

“I could not expect anything more real and tangible than this tape,” said the man, shattered by the discovery. “The pictures made me really sick and I decided to leave home after throwing all the evidence in my wife's face.” He also explained to the lawyer that on the tape – which the lawyers refused to watch for fear of violating the woman's privacy – it was impossible to see her face, “but I can recognize her from behind,” the husband claimed.

False the wife said in her defense: “My husband fantasizes. I'm not on tape. Everyone who trains in the studio is aware of the cameras, and it's not about covert filming, as the studio has signs explaining that the camera captures this place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for insurance purposes, and everything is filmed in case anyone something will suffer.”

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