“I love you more than life”: the Ukrainian star, whose family was destroyed by the tragedy

«Люблю больше жизни»: украинские звезды, чьи семьи разрушила трагедия

Love does not always bring only joy: among the Ukrainian celebrities there are those whose relationships end in real tragedy

About love stories Ukrainian stars, which ended in failure, according to a new material OBOZREVATEL.

6 years ago Ukraine was shocked by the tragedy in the family of the popular singer Tina Karol and her husband, Eugene Ogira. They met in 2007 and quickly realized that their relationship turn into true love. In January 2008, the couple was secretly married, and six months later were married in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

In the same year the couple had a son Benjamin. Tina and her husband were happy and became for many an example of the ideal family, but soon their happy life was interrupted: Eugene was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Eugene Ogira was not on April 28, 2013 after a long struggle with the disease. Throughout his illness Tina Karol prefer not to share details with the public.

After her husband’s death, the singer for some time, he disappeared from the scene and began to lead a solitary life. Later she was able to openly talk about those times.

«Люблю больше жизни»: украинские звезды, чьи семьи разрушила трагедия

“We still believed, fought… We became closer to each other, could not stop talking. It seemed to me that the power of his love will be able to overcome the disease. But again relapsed. My wife was getting worse and worse… I lay next to him on the bed and held his hand,” recalls Carol.

Later she dedicated to her husband the movie “the Power of love and voice”. The singer also dedicates all her songs, clips and awards since his death.

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Another tragic story happened to the legendary Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru. For anybody not a secret that a celebrity all his life loved only one man — her husband, Anatoly Yevdokymenko.
It is known that Anatoly fell in love with a young singer after seeing her photo on the cover of a magazine “Ukraine” in 1965. Three years later, the couple got married, and in 1970, gave birth to a son Rotaru Ruslana.

The singer and her husband lived happily married for 35 years. They worked together, so we can say that Anatoly made a significant contribution to the popularity of his wife.

In 2002 Anatoly passed away from cancer after 5 years of struggle. Rotaru very upset by this loss and even wanted to leave the scene.

Since then, it’s been 17 years, but Sofia Rotaru continues to be faithful to him and dedicates all of his performances.

«Люблю больше жизни»: украинские звезды, чьи семьи разрушила трагедия

“If you knew how I miss you… Your eyes, sense of humor and support. My only. Love more than life!”, the singer wrote in social networks on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their wedding in September 2018.

Another sad story happened in the family of Vasily and Svetlana Verstakov. Ukrainian athlete still don’t like to think about the tragedy that happened to his first wife Svetlana.

She died in 2006 under mysterious circumstances. At that time the couple was married more than three years and raised the little son of Adam.

Svetlana had a rest in the ski resort of palandöken in Turkey, when she and other tourists covered avalanche. That day, in addition to the Svetlana has killed several tourists.

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“The only thing you need to understand the people who were in a similar situation, you need to find the strength to move on. And if you have children to live for them. If you have a favorite thing to set a goal and go for it. The only way to survive,” confessed later Virastyuk.

«Люблю больше жизни»: украинские звезды, чьи семьи разрушила трагедия

A year later, the athlete married a second time, but this marriage, too, nearly collapsed because of the tragedy: Virastyuk with his new wife Inna was in an accident in which a woman was seriously injured.

“There were a lot of coincidences. Accident 1st and avalanche 2nd. All this happened around 14:00. The second son was the same age – 2.5 years. I’ve analyzed. I had another fear. I remembered everything that was then”, — says the athlete.

Now Vasily and Inna Virastuk live in a marriage for 12 years, the couple are raising two sons.

Recall, the soloist KAZKA was struck by the resemblance with Tina Karol.

As he wrote Politeka, Tina Karol won the Ukrainians own initiative.

Also Politeka wrote that Sofia Rotaru closes its business in the Crimea.

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