“I killed Sonya”: 11-year-old girl stabbed her classmate 100 times

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A tragedy occurred in Lyceum No. 10 in the Moscow suburb of Khimki. An 11-year-old girl quarreled with her classmate and stabbed her a hundred times.

The schoolgirl took a kitchen knife from the house, after which she ambushed her victim in the toilet and attacked her there. After that, the fifth-grader returned to the classroom for a lesson and calmly said: “I killed Sonya.”

Doctors are now trying to save the life of the injured girl. Forensic specialists and investigators work in the lyceum.

The parents of the attacking schoolgirl characterize their daughter as a kind and calm teenager. She did not quarrel with anyone, she was fond of capoeira. Why did she need to kill her classmate, experts are now figuring out.

There is a version that the conflict broke out because of a boy who liked both students. Other details emerged during the investigation. So, the attacker allegedly wanted to make friends with Sonya, but she refused.

She conceived revenge at night, writing about this to her friend. In the message, she said that she would kill Sonya and go to the colony, but her friend did not take it seriously and did not tell anyone about the message.

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