I have never experienced anything more terrible / Article

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I have never experienced anything more terrible / Article

Ingrida Balchune has always claimed her health and admits that she is infected with Covid-19 when she visits her family at Christmas. The strongest symptoms appeared on New Year’s Eve, but unfortunately, the Covid-19 test could not be passed because it was a holiday.

“One hour is 36.4 [grādu] temperature, after an hour you have 40 [grādu] temperature and you can’t temperature it nosist. And then you realize that you are no longer in control, that the disease is living your life and you are not in control of anything, and then I just let myself go, “recalls Ingrida Balchune.

During the illness, great weakness appeared, Ingrida says that she had to prepare for a long time, even to lift the bag of pellets. At one point, a panic attack occurred and an “ambulance” had to be called.

“And then the real hell started – when it seemed to me that everything would end now, but then it just started. Then I slept in bed, I didn’t know if it was day or night, and most importantly – I had to have water by the bed because I had to drink. If I wanted to get up somewhere, go to the toilet, you immediately fainted and fell off.

In general, it is terrible, it is terrible, I have not enjoyed anything terrible in my life, even though I have had three children and the flu has ever been, “revealed the woman.

Dad, who was cared for, lived with Ingrid. When Ingrida fell ill, the virus did not spare her father either.

“My father also fell ill, and when I finished, my father, but he was in a very mild form, but he had a stroke immediately due to Covid-19, and he died in early February,” admits Ingrida Balchune.

She was ill with Covid-19 for two weeks, but that didn’t mean she would be fine later.

“Suddenly my hair started to fall out, I combed, I had the whole house in one hair, I had hair everywhere when I combed my hair, I went for a handful, I had five hairs on my head at all.

Of course, all the time this fatigue, other times it was that at night it is short of breath, and then jumps to his feet, get up sitting at night and try to breathe like that, “says a rare woman.

At the time when Ingrida fell ill, vaccines were not yet available in Latvia, but as soon as her health improved and vaccines were available, she went to receive the first vaccine.

“Now I’m sitting honestly at home and not step anywhere, I’m terribly afraid to get sick. I know I’m vaccinated, maybe it will be easier and it’s the third Pfizer vaccine in December. I’ll definitely go for it, I don’t want to get sick, I don’t want to , no, just not that, “she says.

Currently, after getting Covid-19, Ingrida Balchune is still going in for sports and taking vitamin D. Although 10 months have passed, it has only now fully recovered.

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