I had to beat with my fists: the girl miraculously survived after the shark attack

 I had to beat my fists: the girl miraculously survived the shark attack

TikTok user Heather West was miraculously saved from a shark.

Last month, the girl was snorkeling with friends near Dry National Park -Tortugas, which is located off the south coast of Florida.

“I felt something tug at my leg. My brain couldn't figure out what was going on and I thought one of the guys grabbed my leg trying to scare me”, — West said.

She realized she had been bitten by a shark when the predator's teeth went through the rubber. West had to hit the shark several times with his fists so that she let go of the girl's leg. According to the tiktoker, the fight in the water lasted about 30 seconds.

“As soon as I got to the beach, I looked down and made sure my leg was in place. From excitement, I began to shout: "I won, I won", — the girl remembered.

According to West, the shark seriously injured her leg. The girl was taken by seaplane to the hospital. She ended up with 20 stitches.

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