“I am Dr. Sharon Ayalon and I invite you to our clinic of aesthetic medicine”

'My name is Dr. Sharon Ayalon and I am the owner of a clinic for aesthetic medicine. I invite you to my clinic in Modiin with the most complete range of devices for improving the condition of the skin of the face and body.

Together we will draw up a program to improve and unleash the potential of your appearance and rejuvenation. For some, we can compose a course of several single procedures, and for some – a rejuvenation course designed for two to three months.

We provide all procedures taking into account the financial capabilities of the client and can provide convenient payment systems '', – these are the words Israeli doctor Sharon Ayalon greets his patients with.

Dr. Sharon Ayalon managed to create a clinic with a new approach to beauty and youth. Sharon has put together a complete set of the most advanced aesthetic medicine devices of the latest generation in the clinic, which can be combined to get quick and noticeable results.

– If you are interested in modern effective methods of rejuvenation, – says Sharon, – then I will probably start with the Endolift procedure, which gives the result of a surgical tightening without the disadvantages inherent in traditional surgery. This is a combined procedure for rejuvenation, skin tightening and face reshaping without a scalpel, scars and pain. The laser creates a powerful lifting effect and significantly reduces skin laxity even in such difficult areas as the neck and chin.

In Israel, of course, everyone is worried about pigmentation, which cannot be removed with cosmetics. Only a powerful Pico laser can cope with it, the new generation of which is capable of giving a strong impulse without fear of overheating the skin. The same technology allows you to quickly and cleanly remove tattoos.

The hottest procedure for the body today is & ndash; getting rid of excess fat by freezing. This state-of-the-art radio frequency technology provides an average of 24% reduction in body fat thickness, effectively targeting problem areas such as the forearms and thighs.

One of the most sought-after procedures & ndash; artificial hair implantation, which creates lush hair.

Teeth whitening without damaging the enamel is no less popular.

The clinic has programs aimed at maintaining the beauty and youth of clients.

– What is important for you to know about me? – continues Dr. Sharon. & ndash; I am a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a degree in dentistry, an M.S. in neuroscience and an M.A. in health systems management & ndash; I received these degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University. I am also a senior physician of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and a graduate of a number of trainings “ Medical Aesthetics of the Face and Neck '' in Israel and abroad.

Clinic of aesthetic medicine Dr. Sharon Ayalon & ndash; it is a center of aesthetics with a maximum beauty menu: here they will recommend you exactly the procedure that will bring a noticeable effect, and not the one that is in the list of services.

The main “ highlight ''; clinics – the ability to combine several devices for rejuvenation to achieve maximum effect in a short time.

“I made my clinic according to my taste and ideas of beauty,” says Sharon. – In a new modern shopping center in Modiin, a city that I love for its tranquility, lack of traffic jams and an abundance of parking lots, I created my own design space, where I and my clients are pleasant and calm, where you can drink coffee and enjoy the silence and beauty.

My love of design taught me that the approach to beauty should be general, total, so I have collected in my clinic almost all modern, relevant beauty procedures for face and body, for healthy hair and a beautiful smile.

I call my approach Total Look, and it is important for me that I can completely transform a person, & ndash; from the ends of the hair, through a slender body to a snow-white smile on a rejuvenated face.

I know from my clients that it is very important for them to perform high-quality procedures and the qualifications of a doctor. In order to meet their expectations, I constantly take advanced training courses, study at universities in Israel and the world, and participate in professional congresses. One of these congresses was recently held in Tel Aviv, I taught doctors from all over Israel injection techniques, possible complications and ways to avoid them.

The most modern laser, radio frequency and other hardware systems are used in my clinic, as well as fillers and injectables that allow you to eliminate imperfections in appearance in the shortest possible time. Aesthetic medicine today offers a solution to a huge number of problems: getting rid of age spots and excess hair, scars, rejuvenating threads, shaping a clear contour of the face and figure, getting rid of cellulite, losing weight, injections, peeling, lifting, and much more.
< Call me and we will schedule a free consultation, where I will look at you with a professional look, and together we will decide what needs to be changed so that you love yourself even more - my phone number is 03-3741710, my address is st. Lea Amno, 1 (Moriah Center), Modiin. As advertising

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