Hyundai owners will be able to control their cars using iPhone

 Hyundai owners will be able to control their cars with their iPhone

In 2020, Apple announced a new CarKey feature designed to unlock cars using select iPhones and Apple Watches.

This feature is currently only available on certain BMW models. Now the situation will change. According to analysts at Bloomberg, Apple CarKey is on the way to Hyundai and the Genesis lineup.

“Remember CarKey, Apple's announcement a year and a half ago that allows you to unlock and start your car from the Wallet app on your iPhone?” ? I wouldn't be surprised if you're not familiar with it, given that Apple hasn't discussed this feature in a long time and it only works on certain BMW models. I was told this would change soon. According to the findings of the code made a few months ago in iOS 15, I heard that the next vehicles to receive support for this feature will be Hyundai and Genesis models. I was told that the functionality will appear by the summer, “says Mark Gurman in the material.

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