Husband vs microwave: epic video excited the network

Чоловік проти мікрохвильовки: епічне відео розбурхало мережу

The battle with the microwave failed

Ruthless struggle of people and technology is ongoing, and this was confirmed by a brave guy from this video. Whether he managed to destroy a microwave – see below.

Platform Reddit user with the nickname Genericcatchyhandle shared an amazing video which shows the competition the guy with the microwave. In a short time the record has collected more than 17 thousand views and over 940 comments.

And all because the main character of the movie decided to jump on the microwave. Many have asked why he does it, but the guy is not first decided to do strange things. As the commentators pointed out, it is a confirmation of Darwin’s theory. Why is the video:

Man Vs Microwave from r/WinStupidPrizes

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