Husband of Regina Todorenko told about the consequences of shaving armpits: had two operations

Муж Регины Тодоренко рассказал о последствиях бритья подмышек: Перенес две операции

Husband of Regina Todorenko told about the consequences of shaving armpits: had two surgeries
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Vlad Topalov warned: it can happen to anyone.

Vlad Topalov called the diagnosis, which had two operations after the New year. The Russian singer said in stories that due shaving underarms earned a hydradenitis – an inflammation of the sweat glands. My husband is Ukrainian TV presenter Regina Todorenko cut out the abscess. Topalov was advised to throw away the razor and prefer safe trimmers. He asked the fans to suggest a good model.

“After 20 years of shaving I find that it is impossible to shave (armpits). Only a trimmer, because it turns out that in micropores can dirt get. In short, as I had. Most importantly, it’s funny: I wanted it to be cleaner and more hygienic, and finally got heh*Nude. Cut me there… bleep me there is only cut. I was there large-large-large abscess. Hidradenitis how it’s called. Here, choose the right deodorants.

Funny! I never thought, thought, on the contrary, that was cleaner, to avoid the mud. Pus I have bled… Now I’m home. Not really XP*on what I can do. This is what infuriates. Not that I hated the operation. I hate the fact that I have nothing to do: can’t do anything really. To move much impossible. Nothing is impossible. Guess I’ll get you my video,” the actor told.

Topalov noted that he had a dream about another gift under the Christmas tree.

“2 weeks 2020 2 surgeries!!! Clearly Santa has mixed up the notes there for you! Not what I wrote, while they beat chimes! Yes, and to eat paper I had!!!!!!

Dear Grandfather Frost.

I understand, while without a claim, you need to drink and relax. But you, as you come to, check , please, wish lists. In my weekly scalpels and no blood!!!! With Thanks in any case for your family, your I!!!!” – wrote Topalov in Instagram.

The artist asked not to discuss politics. Previously, Regina todorenko cried, conversing with Ksenia Sobchak about Ukraine and Russia.

In the holidays Todorenko said “KP in Ukraine” about Christmas traditions and plans for the New year. The singer has met by 2020 in Bali with my son and friends.


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