Husband Lorak wants to take away the daughter: can’t put up with “another man”

Муж Лорак хочет отобрать дочь: не может смириться с "другим мужчиной"

Murat Nalchajian intends to take away from Ani Lorak their only daughter Sophia after a divorce

This opinion suggested the most ardent fans of a celebrity. In addition, fans are confident that the decision of Murat is not so with attachment to daughter, as with jealousy

Nationality former spouse of Ukrainian singer of the Turks, and so has the hot Oriental temperament that have been able to notice the Ukrainians once revealed the reason for the divorce of star pair.

Муж Лорак хочет отобрать дочь: не может смириться с "другим мужчиной"

As for jealousy of Murat, subscribers sure – the man does not want his daughter to grow up with a stepfather in the face of Russian artist Sergey Lazarev, who has managed to Woo with Ani Lorak in the network.

Note, divorce Ani Lorak was one of the main themes of recent weeks and the star holed up in Russia, her husband leaves mysterious message on the network. On the eve of a divorce of the famous couple. The Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev examined the case of divorce of Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchajian.

The case was heard behind closed doors, in the hall allowed only the judges and lawyers of both parties. No lorac, no Nalchajian at trial, was not present. At this time, Murat decided to share a series of touching pictures in Instagram.

In Stories he published several shots with the couple’s daughter, Sofia. On his page on Instagram he shared a short video showing how talking with a child. Nalchajian and Sophia were talking through video call and show each other cute soft toys.

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Ani Lorak and Murat have lived together for 9 years. About who will be 7-year-old girl after his parents ‘ divorce, is unknown. For the first time the information that the singer decided to divorce husband the apostate, appeared in October 2018.

Муж Лорак хочет отобрать дочь: не может смириться с "другим мужчиной"

Later it became known that the divorce process with Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian may take several years, as there are some subtleties due to the different nationality of the spouses. Lorak is a Ukrainian citizen, Murat — Turkish citizen.

Recall that lorac was intrigued by the delicate photo with the famous handsome.

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak took my daughter to the Russian show.

Also Politeka wrote that Ani Lorak appeared on the show “the Voice” with my daughter.

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