Husband Brain surprised fans with an unexpected statement: “I choose Tina”

Муж Мозговой удивил поклонников неожиданным заявлением: "Я выбираю Тину"

Elena’s husband Brain Vladimir Tkachenko changed the name to Axelrod,and the name David and a new image appeared on the competition show “the Voice”

“I came on this show to show everyone by example that we should not fear change, do not be afraid to start over, because the only way we can improve ourselves and find ourselves in this life. I think I can only understand good and very smart Queen. I choose Tina,” said Axelrod.

He decided to participate in the 9th season of the TV show and won the sympathy of all four judges, therefore, received the right to choose their own coach. While the members of the jury were arguing about who would get the former Tkachenko, he called the name of Tina Karol.

Муж Мозговой удивил поклонников неожиданным заявлением: "Я выбираю Тину"

This time the judges were Tina Karol, Potap, Dan and Dmitry Montik. The singer performed the song “Never Enough” by Jenny Lind. The family Brain said that Axelrod is the name of the father of Vladimir, so he picked her.

Муж Мозговой удивил поклонников неожиданным заявлением: "Я выбираю Тину"

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In the world

Earlier, on 20 January, on channel 1+1 was the premiere of the most ambitious vocal talent show “Golos Krainy” with the new coaching staff. Leading the new season of the project remain unchanged — Yuriy Gorbunov and Ekaterina Osadchaya. The ninth season of the show revealed to the audience new faces and new talent, this year held under the slogan “the Stars among us.”

In the first phase — the blind auditions — about 100 participants had the opportunity to compete for participation in the project and a place in the team of one of the famous coaches. This season, viewers are waiting for the innovations. Panel chairs from now on, there is a button “Block” that allows the coaches once per season to lock one of the contenders.

Муж Мозговой удивил поклонников неожиданным заявлением: "Я выбираю Тину"

The network has already appeared backstage pictures of the show.

Recall Tkachenko told about the true situation of 1+1.

As reported Politeka, Helen Brain: If you’re so stupid that you can’t learn the language of their country, then that’s your problem.

Well-known Ukrainian producer, the daughter of songwriter Nicholas Brain has supported the writer and public figure Larisa Nicoi, which left the broadcast channel “Newsvan” because of the refusal of a journalist to speak the state language.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainian star spoke about Russian aggression in the sea: Time to be together

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