Hurricane Freddie hits eastern Mozambique

News » Incidents Hurricane Freddy hits eastern Mozambique

The United Nations Meteorological Agency says Tropical Hurricane Freddy hit Mozambique with “dangerous and unprecedented levels of rainfall” on Friday, February 24, continuing to wreak havoc in southern Africa, reports AfricaNews.

Freddie covered the coastal town of Vilanculos with winds of one hundred and thirteen kilometers, damaging trees and houses. Residents left without a roof overhead, found shelter in a local school that survived.

“It was a very strong and terrible wind. We were terrified,” locals say.

The tropical storm is now classified as a “powerful tropical hurricane.” after picking up speed over the Mozambique Channel.

It is predicted to weaken as it passes through southern Africa, but for now, Freddy is still a major risk of heavy rains in Zimbabwe, South Africa , Zambia, Malawi and Botswana; according to the Regional Weather Center for Reunion Island. /1629370760467972098?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
Previously, Hurricane Freddy passed over Madagascar, killing seven people.

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