Hungry Volochkova told why she has an empty refrigerator: “just lettuce”

Голодная Волочкова рассказала, почему у нее пустой холодильник: «только салатные листья»

Scandalous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova decided to show the contents of his refrigerator

Nothing interesting was not there. Shelves were half empty.

Refrigerator Volochkova boasted on his page in social network Instagram. This home unit artist called “fridge healthy food”.

Голодная Волочкова рассказала, почему у нее пустой холодильник: «только салатные листья»

By the way, the possibility of commenting under the posts of a ballerina prudently disabled. Earlier Volochkova has received a flurry of negative reviews and criticism on virtually every message in the network. Apparently, in order to spare their nervous system, she decided to rid itself of the opinions about his person the Internet users.

Volochkova also said, what she eats: “I eat very light and simple products. My diet consists of salad leaves of all kinds with olive oil and soy sauce, vegetable soups, and sometimes boiled chicken without salt.”

Also, the woman noted that on her Desk now is not to find the salt .

To be honest, a strange lack of food in the fridge. Since the ballerina is 13-year-old daughter and a growing teenager would do well with something to feed them.

However, as reported earlier, the Russian media, Ariadne moved to the father-the businessman. Apparently, unable to withstand the half-starved Bohemian lifestyle of the mother ballerina.

As previously reported, Volochkova said that she was robbed for a large sum. A celebrity came to the police and complained of the cruel deception by a loved one.

According to press reports, She told police the “sentimental story” about the robbery. Pre-crying and the splits. As reported by the artist, it was cheated of 100 million rubles.

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Голодная Волочкова рассказала, почему у нее пустой холодильник: «только салатные листья»

Anastasia Volochkova admitted that he trusted the wrong person. Specifically, her ex —husband Igor Vdovin. 54-year-old man has been working in “Urban Resort Astrakhan”.

Previously, the ballerina has already told the police this story, but from a slightly different angle. Volochkova claimed that Vdovin recommended her to invest in the business. The actress has invested 67 million Russian rubles and 500 thousand dollars in the construction of elite residential complex in Astrakhan, where he received 22 apartments. Soon, however, the business project went bankrupt. The construction is still not finished.

Now Anastasia Volochkova accuses ex-wife of fraud. According to her, ex-husband intentionally mislead her, and tripped on a lot of money. He Vdovin is now hidden and does not communicate.

Recall that Volochkova completely stripped and sat down on the string directly in the snow.

As reported Politeka, Volochkova has secretly returned to Russia.

Also Politeka wrote that Volochkova showed spicy photo Morrice.

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