Hundreds of people demonstrate outside the Ariel police station

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 Hundreds of people demonstrate at Ariel police station

Hundreds of people came out on the evening of June 25 to protest against the detention of a Jew who killed one of the Palestinians attacking Jewish teenagers.

The demonstration was held outside the Ariel police building.

Hundreds of people, rabbis and Knesset deputies took part in the demonstration.

Police and Shin Bet also accuse the suspect of obstructing justice.

The defendant arrived at the Ariel police station a week ago and reported that he and a group of children had been attacked by Palestinians while on tour around the city. He was immediately arrested and subsequently extended his detention.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan says: “18 Jewish children were attacked with sticks, hoes, picks and axes. And what is the reaction of the authorities – they deprive the rights of the only adult who was with the children and stood up for them. They can investigate the incident, but why is he disenfranchised?” Most of those present were against the fact that a lawyer was not allowed to see the suspect and that he was suspected of “terrorism”.

The suspect's lawyer, Adi Keidar, filed a complaint that a doctor was not allowed to see the detainee, and he was interrogated for long hours all night

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