Hundreds of kilograms of drugs found over a kindergarten in the center of Israel

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 Hundreds of kilograms of drugs were found over a kindergarten in the center of Israel

Drug labs were discovered above a kindergarten in Ha Sharon.

Suspected of operating drug labs worth hundreds of thousands of shekels that were located above a kindergarten in Kfar -Kara in Sharon, three northerners in their 30s were arrested. After receiving quick information about an unusual incident in a residential building, the police arrived at the apartment and were amazed to find hundreds of kilograms of cannabis.

valued at hundreds of thousands of shekels. A resident of the north, the owner of the apartment, was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and trafficking.

In addition to the seized illegal substances, the police identified several men who aroused their suspicion by walking through the building during searches. Therefore, they were asked to open their apartment, which is located on the same floor. So the police found another drug lab with thousands of cannabis plants and tens of kilograms of marijuana. Two suspects living in the area have been arrested and will face trial tomorrow in Hadera to have their detention extended.

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