Humanity is in danger of destruction: scientists are sounding the alarm because of the climate

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 Mankind is in danger of destruction: scientists sound the alarm because of the climate

A group of scientists from different countries has published a report on the problem of climate change. In this report, scientists urge the world's population to prepare for the worst-case scenario of global warming.

Science Alert reports.

Study lead author Luke Kemp of the University of Cambridge warns that climate change and used to cause mass extinctions.

“Climate change has played a role in all mass extinctions. They led to the decline of empires and outlined the course of history. Even the modern world seems to have adapted to a certain climate niche,” he said.

According to Luke Kemp, the world will suffer not only from the rise in temperature itself, but also from side effects – financial crises, disease outbreaks , conflicts.

Researchers believe that humanity needs to develop a plan of action in case – or when – our current way of life collapses. People have already experienced a number of cataclysms, and at some point, those structures that allow humanity to withstand such shocks will collapse.

Scientists believe that humanity, under an optimistic scenario, can still correct the situation and delay the catastrophic events. In particular, political action and various innovations can be used.

“Preparing for a future of accelerating climate change while remaining blind to the worst-case scenarios is naive risk management at best, and fatal stupidity at worst.” , – summed up Luke Kemp.

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