Human rights activists claim 31 dead during protests in Iran

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 Human rights activists report 31 dead during protests in Iran

During the protests in Iran, which began after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained by the “vice police”, at least 31 people died.

About This was reported by human rights activists of the organization Iran Human Rights.

Many protesters were also injured.

Human rights activists note that the protests covered more than 30 cities of Iran. The largest number of deaths was recorded in the cities of Amol and Babol (11 and 6 respectively).

“Eleven protesters were killed by security forces during clashes in Amol last night. In addition, about 60 men and six women were arrested and taken to Amol prison,” a human rights organization source said.

Another human rights activist's interlocutor said that 170 women were taken to Karchak prison in Tehran. Some of them had previously spent two days in detention, where they were severely beaten, “some have broken arms and legs.”

From the night of September 21, Internet access was severely restricted throughout Iran, including Instagram and WhatsApp, which are two platforms that are used to receive news from Iran.

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