Huge dogs mauled the baby: grisly details of the tragedy

Огромные псы растерзали младенца: жуткие подробности трагедии

Two fighting dogs attacked a month-old baby

In the Russian city of Tomsk dogs bitten to death a baby.

The family lives in a private home. Mother needed to go into the yard. A tiny baby who was only one month, she left lying in a cot. Returning back to the house, the woman saw a terrible.

Огромные псы растерзали младенца: жуткие подробности трагедии

She found that her little daughter lying on the sofa, and all the body wounds like bite marks of dogs. It is noted that in the house were a Rottweiler and a German shepherd.

The mother immediately called an ambulance. Doctors the baby was urgently hospitalized. However, were powerless. The girl died from his wounds.

The police opened a criminal case under article “Causing death on imprudence”.

As previously reported, in Ukraine Nikolaev marine pulled a drowning dog in the hole. Savior dog was Oleg semendyaev, a soldier of the 1st separate marine battalion. The guy admitted that he simply could not pass by, seeing the animal in distress.

According to Oleg, the physical and health allowed him to commit this act. It sure what exactly would many of his friends and acquaintances.

A marine told me that was a normal day. He went on business and heard the desperate barking.

“Along the way I heard barking, which did not stop, and went to the sound to the river. From the shore saw the dog trying to get out of the water and she couldn’t get out,” said the guy. He immediately decided to rescue the animal. Realizing that the ice is unreliable and it can fall into the water, Oleg took off his clothes.

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Огромные псы растерзали младенца: жуткие подробности трагедии

“Half way there the ice began to crack and not to fail ahead of time, tried to go on all fours. Dolez, when he began to fail – took it for granted that you have to swim, took the dog threw her away from the hole,” he described the situation to rescue the animal, young man.

He casually added that climbed out of the river himself, dressed, and just “went about their business further.”

Internet users were delighted from the act of man.

“Great man!!! How fortunate that there are such people! Thank you!!!”, “Handsome!”, “There are still a number of us real men…”, “Oh, that fellow!!! high berege you Lord,” wrote commentators.

Recall that the Ukrainian Hachiko came to find the missus in the pharmacy: a heartbreaking story.

As reported Politeka, brave Kharkov saved lost dog: “went to howl on the road”.

Also Politeka wrote that amazing story of rescue dog at Kharkov continued.

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