Huge brawl breaks out on Wizz Air flight

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 There was a mass brawl on a Wizz Air flight

There was a mass brawl on a Wizz Air flight.

According to The Mirror, two men, who appeared to be in their 30s, behaved aggressively during flight and boasted about how much they drank. The situation escalated when one of the men was told that he would be escorted off the flight.

The pilot of the plane tried to calm the man down, but he and his friend attacked the pilot.

, and the guy hit him. He looked normal, but was understandably shocked. It was shameful,” one eyewitness said.

Another eyewitness reported that the attackers insulted everyone on board .

A spokesman for Wizz Air stated: “On Wizz Air flight W95741 from Gatwick to Chania, a passenger became naughty. The crews handled the situation as they were trained and reported the incident to the appropriate authorities, who arrested the passenger upon arrival .

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