Huge 500,000-year-old elephant tusk found in Israel

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 Huge 500,000 year old elephant tusk found in Israel< /p>

A well-preserved huge 500,000-year-old elephant tusk was found in southern Israel.

According to Haaretz, the tusk was found by Eitan Mor, a biologist from Jerusalem, during a visit to Kibbutz Revadim.

Eitan Mor was walking past a depression in the area where sand used to be mined, and noticed that something was “peeping out” from the soil. The scientist called the Department of Antiquities and told about the find.

It is noted that the tusk surprises not so much with its age, but with its size. Its length is 2.6 meters, it is about 20 centimeters in diameter (at its widest point). It is also well preserved.

Archaeologists are extracting the fragile tusk from the soil.

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