“Hug before death”: teacher Messi left a touching message

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Lionel Messi's teacher Monica Domina has published a touching message to her student. According to Ole, this happened shortly before the final of the World Cup, which took place in Qatar on November 18. "Hello Messi. I thank God that I – your teacher. Thank you for being – my student. Thank you for being who you are. Never change. You – simple, modest, excellent, simple person, friend. Thank you for letting me feel proud – be a part of your life,” the teacher said. She apologized for her demands in the classroom and thanked the football player for bringing great happiness in these difficult times of failure, because he knew how to bring his team to where it is now. "Thank you for your glory. I would like to hug you to wake up from this dream that I was your teacher. You have already made us happy. Good luck. We love you. I taught Messi to read and write. Just walking around his area here in Rosario, I would really like to see him. I hope my letter reaches Messi. I want to see him because I have heart problems, before I die I would like to hug Messi”, & ndash; she noted. According to the woman, her cousin always calls her when the footballer comes to Rosario. "He asks if I want to go to the door of the house to say hello, but I'm ashamed. But now, if he comes, I will go to him and hope that Messi can come out to say hello to me, & ndash; she emphasized

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