Hubble got the Mature galaxy in the constellation of Pegasus

Хаббл получил снимок зрелой галактики из созвездия Пегаса

The picture has got a spiral galaxy with a jumper.

Astronomers using a telescope “Hubble” has received the NGC 7773, which is located in the constellation Pegasus. As reported on the website of the Observatory, studying the galaxy like this, the researchers hope to learn more about the formation of our galaxy, the milky Way, reports the online edition of the with reference to

NGC 7773 is a spiral galaxy with a jumper. Vivid structure stands in the foreground near the cluster core, passing between spiral arms of the galaxy. According to researchers, similar structures are formed at later stages of the development of galaxies, since the material from which stars are formed, travels to the center of the cluster. In young galaxies jumpers are less frequent than in adults.

In Bulgaria was found the burial age 7600 years

According to researchers, the jumpers are a sign of “maturity” of the galaxy. In addition, they can also be “stellar nurseries” because they emit a bright light of young stars.

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