Hubbad USA sues Russia to return historical documents

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 Hubbad USA sues Russia to return historical documents

One of the rabbis who was on a lifelong mission to find the Schneerson Collection says that “some books — this is what Hitler stole from the Jews and intended to turn them into a museum.

The Chabad Hasidic Association in the United States is expanding its efforts to restore a unique collection of books that belonged to the Hasidic rabbinic dynasty by filing a lawsuit against Russia in an Israeli court .

The lawsuit to return the Schneerson collection was filed in the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court in an attempt to enforce a US court verdict allowing foreclosure of Russian assets in Israel. In 2013, the books were moved to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow.

In July, it emerged that the association had appealed to Israel's Attorney General, Gali Baharav-Miara, to freeze the legal procedures for transferring ownership of real estate in Jerusalem to the Russian government, and also demanded the return of a collection that belonged to the Lubavitcher rabbinic dynasty before the Russian revolution.

The Chabad Hasidic Association tried to convince Israel to fight with them, but when Israel did not express their readiness, they decided to confront Russia alone.

In the lawsuit, filed by attorneys Uri Kedar and Avi Bloom, accompanied by American lawyer Nat Loewen, the association is seeking the return of the Schneerson collection and a US contempt fine, which to date amounts to more than $170 million.

Hubbad has demanded for decades that the collection be returned to its rightful owners. The Lubavitcher Rebbe even appointed a special delegation to return the books, led by Rabbis Sholom Dov-Ber Levin and Rabbi Shlomo Koni, who have since made various efforts to achieve this goal.

At the end of the detailed claim filed lawyers, it was emphasized that the need to enforce the US court's decision is especially important due to the importance of the collection for Hubbad and the Jewish people in general.

this is what Hitler took from the Jews and intended to make a museum out of them. Now they are in the “Museum of Tolerance” in Russia", — said Rabbi Shlomo Konin, a member of Chabad Hasidism and an activist in the battle to return the books.

Attorney Uri Kedar stressed that the legislative step is the first step towards international recognition of the case.

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