Huawei will release a smart glasses: “interact with the clock”

Huawei выпустит умные очки: "взаимодействуют с часами"

Huawei’s patented smart glasses with smart connected for hours

New patent Chinese companies is another smart gadget. They were smart glasses, which can be connected wristwatch.

The patent suggests that the right earpiece there is a mounting for smart watches. But first they need to unfasten the strap, leaving only the shell. Next to the clock is attached to the handle, and the whole structure can be used wearing on his head.

Huawei выпустит умные очки: "взаимодействуют с часами"

The functionality points are not yet known, but expectations is not unusual. They will have no camera, no display or microphone. Most likely, they will present a case for a smart watch, which will assume all the “smart” functions.

To talk about the timing of the appearance of the device is too early.

Huawei выпустит умные очки: "взаимодействуют с часами"

Earlier it was reported that Huawei was presented for all to see new smartphones line Mate.

Version 20 Pro Huawei Mate and Huawei Mate 20 RS with the world’s first “major” design for usability of the phone, with eight parties have a modern curved shape. Back camera module is a futuristic, avant-garde dual matrix structure, it is possible to notice even at a distance. Also, these smartphones were released in new emerald green color.

Aerodynamic body has an arcuate shape with eight sides, which gives the phone a wonderful look. Huawei with precision has developed the details of this phone, zabludow existing standards, ensuring full compatibility of the components with each other and creating unprecedented comfort for each user.

Also, the phone is turned symmetrical design elements. The edge of the frame and curved glass curves symmetric to the Central axis of the phone.

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Recall, Huawei will have a unique gadget.

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