Huawei Watch 3 review

Huawei Watch 3 review

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Watch 3 is Huawei's latest premium smartwatch released in June 2021. The arrival of this model came with a long delay, as
Watch 2 was released back in 2017. Given the turbulence that Huawei experienced in the Western market, over the years that followed, no one was sure that a successor to the Watch 2 would appear. However, it did appear!

This article provides a brief description of the various features and capabilities of Huawei Watch 3.


  • Watch 3 measures your heart rate, SpO2 (blood oxygen) and temperature. The heart rate sensor accurately records data just like the sleep sensor, tracking sleep duration and REM levels with superior accuracy.
  • There are 100 workout modes available to track different activities. You can freely use training modes over a 10-kilometer walk. They're also great at tracking your progress, reporting each of the modules under consideration at regular intervals. And of course there is a three-ring system that will show the user daily exercise, steps and calories. Just swipe down and you can compare the efforts of this day with those of the previous days.
  • The Watch 3 has a built-in Huawei voice assistant – Celia.
  • The built-in GNSS sensor provides location tracking without the need for GPS phone to do the hard work.
  • With Watch 3, you can control music playback from your phone, as well as store music on the watch itself.
  • The Watch 3 is water resistant to 5 ATM, which means it can be worn in shallow water, such as swimming in a pool.

eSIM at a glance

eSIM technology.
Convenience lies in the fact that you can use the watch autonomously: it will receive notifications about calls and SMS, you can talk for hours, you can listen to Huawei Music. Activation is very simple: go to the Health app, select Manage eSIM & mdash; Activate. Scan the QR code from the eSIM brochure and that's it. An important question: what to do with email notifications from Telegram, WhatsApp or, for example, Avito/Yula and other applications? If you left your smartphone at home and took the Huawei Watch 3 with eSIM for a run, there will be no notifications. In this case, in essence, you get a separate device with a SIM card.


The Watch 3 is a masterpiece in design, build and aesthetics!
While not unique to this generation of watches, it's fair to say that Huawei was very wise in not trying to emulate the boxy space-age style of the Apple Watch series. It offers a luxurious and reliable alternative to the futuristic look that many Apple fans would rather tolerate than love. If it weren't for the fact that the dial remains blank when not in use, the Watch 3 could easily be mistaken for a high-end analog watch. The leatherette strap can be easily removed using two latches. The Watch 3 is compatible with universal watch straps – so if you're thinking about ditching your current analog watch, but you like the strap, you won't have a problem attaching it.
The classic look extends to a series of watch face designs, some of which are built into the watch itself, while many more are available in the Huawei Health app. There is a huge number of exquisite analog style designs to choose from, as well as many other digital style designs if you prefer.


Huawei claims battery life The Watch 3 ranges from 14 days (with ultra-long battery life and little to no use) to 1.5 days when connected to an iPhone.


The Huawei Watch 3 is undeniable stylish flagship smartwatch. Its standout feature is without a doubt the bright AMOLED display, robust features, and the design and build are really very good. Without a doubt, the Watch 3 is perfect for anyone with a smartphone running Huawei's new HarmonyOS. Watch 3 belongs to the 'ecosystem' new devices from Huawei, including the MatePad 11 and Freebuds 4 headphones, which are supported by the all-new HarmonyOS, an umbrella operating system designed to eliminate inter-device interruptions that can occur with connected smart devices.

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