Huawei has released a smartphone with innovative technologies: “you can see in the distance”

Huawei выпустил смартфон с новаторскими технологиями: «можно заметить на расстоянии»

Huawei unveiled for everyone to see new smartphones line Mate

Version 20 Pro Huawei Mate and Huawei Mate 20 RS with the world’s first “major” design for usability of the phone, with eight parties have a modern curved shape. Back camera module is a futuristic, avant-garde dual matrix structure, it is possible to notice even at a distance. Also, these smartphones were released in new emerald green color.

Aerodynamic body has an arcuate shape with eight sides, which gives the phone a wonderful look. Huawei with precision has developed the details of this phone, zabludow existing standards, ensuring full compatibility of the components with each other and creating unprecedented comfort for each user.

Huawei выпустил смартфон с новаторскими технологиями: «можно заметить на расстоянии»

Also, the phone is turned symmetrical design elements. The edge of the frame and curved glass curves symmetric to the Central axis of the phone.

All sides of the phone are harmoniously symmetrical to each other, back camera module has four round cross-section which are located symmetrical double-strip, two on each. Frame and glass covering the phone on all sides, symmetrical to each other vertically.

The back of the phone features a high-tech texture, are subject to a photoresist corrosion. The company “Huawei” is used in the case of a special glass coating, thereby creating a unique and beautiful design, so that the device does not slip on the hands and leaves no fingerprints. Even during repeated usage the phone keeps a clean look. Each lens of the dual camera series Huawei Mate 20 is surrounded by a polished metal frame.

Huawei выпустил смартфон с новаторскими технологиями: «можно заметить на расстоянии»

Also earlier it was reported that Huawei has announced start of the presentation of their new products Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, and showed several shots of gadgets.

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Information about new gadgets from Huawei said the organization for the production of accessories for mobile devices called Spigen.

Thus, the company showed in Network design and revealed the date of the announcement of the new smartphone Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, which will appear before the public in late March of this year.

Organization Spigen invited users to demonstrate gadgets Chinese firm in all its glory, protecting them from scratches and nicks with covers, created on the Air Cushion (known shock-proof technology — approx. ed.).

Recall, Huawei will have a unique gadget.

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