Howled with longing for Milan. Patriotism returned to Tyumen was enough for 3 months

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 I howled with longing for Milan. The patriotism of the one who returned to Tyumen was enough for 3 months

The Russian tabloid MK published the story of a Russian woman who lived in Italy for 30 years and returned to Tyumen “out of patriotism”.

– I am 50 years old, 30 of which I have lived in Italy. I sold the apartment and left for the Tyumen region, ”Ekaterina began. – My daughter came with me, who is half Italian. This year she graduated from the University of London, Faculty of International Relations. My sister, who lived in Europe for a quarter of a century, also came with us from Italy.

Italy seemed to me a paradise, but it did not become my home.

My husband and I divorced. I got a job in the theater, opened a ballet school. But, since our parents raised us with our sisters and brother as patriots, we always supported the country. Therefore, after February 24, I could not stay in Milan.

I think God helped me to return to Tyumen. Let it be cold and ugly here, but my daughter and I are “beautiful”. The letter “Z” is now stuck on my car. Russia – not Italy, here I can stand up for myself, for Z, for the country.

If tomorrow I am called to the NWO, I will go. Maybe it's funny for someone, but I'm not sorry to give my life for the country. Yes, I lived for 30 years in Italy, I was afraid to return to my homeland. And now I think, thank you, Lord, this is how it should be…

Three months later, however, Ekaterina, “remaining a patriot”, decided to return:

– Let's just say, everything is fine, we got a job, we live… – the interlocutor took a break, – But my daughter and I decided to return.

I had moments when I stopped in the car and cried because I miss Milan. It turned out that I am Italian, despite the fact that I am a patriot of my country. We decided: as soon as the weather improves, the blizzards stop, we will go back by car.

I had a different idea of ​​the homeland. I idealized too much. For example, I thought that Russia was ahead of the rest in ballet. And there wasn't a single decent ballet school in Tyumen.

In Italy, I let out children who were then taken to the Bolshoi Theater, they left to make a career in America. In Tyumen, I got a job at a dance school where they teach hip-hop.

I also have an unpleasant aftertaste from the work of state institutions. I work in a recreation center and I see how negligently directors work, they live in clover, and when they report, they just splurge.

– I was afraid to tell them that I was coming back. I subconsciously felt like a traitor. But my Italian friends reassured me. And my students already squealed: please come back, we can't live without you. I judged myself more, well, how so, I said that here it is – mine. But it turned out not to be mine.

In Italy, I lived in a reconstructed house of the 18th century, I woke up in the morning and saw a beautiful canal through the window. I wanted to – I went to the sea or to the mountains. In Russia, we rented a small cheap apartment in a new building. We don't go anywhere.

I like Italian wine. But here it is expensive and it is not clear what is poured into bottles. I even asked my friends to send me 20 liters of olive oil from Italy. It's not a whim, it's just sunflower that makes me sick.

– Is there no olive oil in Tyumen?

– I doubt that Italian olive oil can reach Tyumen. The daughter says: “I want to drink delicious water.” In Tyumen, even the water is different. I can’t say that it’s bad here, but everything is good there. It's just that I got used to a different life in 30 years.

My blood pressure has never risen, but in Tyumen it jumps every day. The doctor said it was acclimatization. The cold is annoying. The temperature outside is minus 30. I went outside and couldn't start the car.

– I'm still a patriot. I believe Putin. But other people have questions. For many years, I have not had such that I looked at the store how much soap costs and chose which one to buy in order to save money. I buy the cheapest powder. After all, I live on the money that I earn, I plan my budget in advance. My salary is around 40,000 rubles.

Recently I got on the phone with a friend from Italy. She is happy, says: “We are going with Robert to Sicily, here the sun is warm.” I almost burst into tears.

But anyway, I don't regret coming here. I tried, stayed – it's time to go back.

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