How you make the helicopter after long periods of inactivity: noisy video

Як заводять вертоліт після тривалого простою: гучне відео

The Ka-26
/ youtube

Nowadays, the issue of starting the engine and no problems with fuel injection does not exist. But literally not so long ago, loud the sound of the starter and the engine was quite acceptable phenomenon. And even if the engine is turned on, then there were no guarantees that it will work on.

The video shows how trying to have an old Ka-26. It was built on a “flying chassis”. This helicopter model was produced with some variations of turbocharged engines. But most of them were equipped with two 325-horsepower 9-cylinder radial engines.

Radial engines are generally quite interesting thing, because the longer it will not start and just idle it, the more problematic it becomes. And all of these problems arise using a special design. For example, the lower cylinders are constantly filled with oil. And here is the story connected with this helicopter is this: the right engine stopped working and repaired it for about a month, but left the engine for a month wouldn’t start and, consequently, to have it after such a long downtime will not be so simple.

Of course to run have provided everything: new spark plugs, and cylinder leaked all the oil, and at some moment it seemed that the engine will start very easily, but, unfortunately, not so simple as it appeared. See how it was:

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