How useful fish oil capsules

Talk about the benefits of the product nelyubimogo since childhood, which forced us to carefully use parents.

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Fish oil is a valuable food product, source of healthy fatty acids omega 3, vitamins A, D, E, which is derived from cod liver. It comes in capsules, and rarely in liquid form, buy it in every pharmacy.

Fish oil should not be confused with fish oil, which is extracted from the muscle tissue of salmonids, peredam

What is its benefit?

Vitamin D has the ability to help of minerals, so the fish oil you need to take to improve the growth of bone tissue.

Fish oil helps to improve the condition of joints in arthritis. It also increases their mobility, reducing pain and stopping the process of inflammation.

Vitamin a prevents the development of diffuse alopecia, relieves the appearance of premature gray hair. So fish oil is recommended to be taken to improve the condition of hair.

Scientists have repeatedly proved that the consumption of fish oil leads to an acceleration of metabolic processes. It should be noted that regular use of the drug increases the intensity of burning fat to 15%. Therefore, for girls who want to lose a few extra pounds, fish oil is a true godsend.

Fish oil normalizes the functioning of the circulatory system, prevents the formation of blood clots and also improves blood circulation in organs and tissues.

Regular consumption of fish oil reduces the risk of diabetes.

Consumption of fish oil helps to prevent the appearance of acne and blemishes.

Fish oil helps produce the hormone serotonin needed for good mood and happiness, helps fight irritability and depression.

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Indications in which you should not take fish oil:

liver failure cholecystitis pulmonary tuberculosis in an acute form the thyroid gland with a high level of calcium in the body febrile syndrome sarcoidosis

But before you start taking fish oil, be sure to consult with your doctor!

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