How to work remotely during a power outage

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 How to work remotely during a power outage

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In Ukraine, after February 2022, the number of those who work remotely has noticeably increased – without visiting offices, without leaving for another city. This has its advantages:

– The ability to start the working day at any time (in most situations), making the schedule as convenient as possible for yourself.
– Reducing travel costs to zero, especially for those who have to travel to work from another city or even region.
– No dress code or other restrictions.

The main requirement for those who work remotely, regardless of profession – having a stable internet connection. Since October 2022, constant power cuts have become the norm due to frequent shelling of critical infrastructure. In this regard, it is necessary to constantly be prepared for planned and unplanned outages that can disrupt plans at work.

Setting up a workplace with a home PC

Remote work by default implies the presence of a computer with the Internet, so you need to protect yourself from data loss as a result of outages. Often they occur with violations of schedules – working with a desktop PC will not work all day. A typical uninterruptible power supply is designed only to allow time for a safe shutdown. A home computer can be connected to a portable power station, which is actually a large power bank with the ability to include more than just USB devices. Advantages and features of power stations:

– Unlike generators, stations can be installed in any residential area. The complete absence of emissions makes the device safe for others.
– Possibility to increase the capacity and total operating time from the stations. An additional battery can be connected to some station models.
– With sufficient power, you can power most appliances in the apartment that are used constantly. You will be limited only by the power of the station in Watts.
– Charging takes place from the network (when there is electricity), solar panels.

A portable power station can be a replacement for a traditional UPS. You need a surge protector that can withstand the load from all the devices connected to it. The filter is plugged into the station socket, and already in the sockets on the filter, you can turn on the system unit, monitor, speakers, router. If the power goes out, you will not lose your work results.

If the router is located in another room, which does not allow you to physically connect it to the station, you can use the power bank. To do this, you need a USB-DC adapter that allows you to connect a router. So you will have a full-fledged Internet even without electricity.

 How to work remotely during a power outage

Working on a laptop

Laptop owners are more fortunate – with a non-worn battery, they can work without interruption. You just need to charge the battery in time. To extend the run time on a single charge, do the following:

-Limit the CPU performance when running on battery power. The function is available in modern laptops.
– Turn on Airplane mode if you do not need Wi-Fi.
– Turn off the keyboard backlight if you're working during the day.
– Use a wireless mouse if the trackpad is inconvenient. This mouse is powered by an AA battery without draining the laptop's battery.
– Replace your HDD with an SSD. This will not only save power, but also speed up the performance of the computer, making it truly portable due to the absence of a mechanical head that can damage the plates due to sudden movement.

Even a 10-year-old laptop can be used comfortably. All you need is a battery that can hold a charge. If it is not possible to buy and install a new battery for such a computer, you can always work in the “Point of Indestructibility”.

Having a portable power station will allow you not to leave your home. With it, you can charge your smartphone, laptop battery, use it without limiting the processor clock speed, which is important in some types of work (recording, audio/video editing).

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