How to train taut ass in two weeks: top exercises

Как натренировать подтянутую попу за две недели: топ упражнений

Winter is coming to an end, and that means the girls time to practice and work on my form

Want to have a beautiful, elastic, trim ass? We bring you the best butt exercises, the result of which will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.

Exercise # 1

Lie on your back, lift one leg up and, straining buttocks, slowly lift and lower pelvis. Repeat with the other leg. You will achieve greater effect if the load of the feet weighting.

Как натренировать подтянутую попу за две недели: топ упражнений

Exercise # 2

Become straight, hands lower along the body. Make a lunge with one foot forward and the knee of the other leg touch the floor. Return to starting position. Make the other leg. For best effect, take the dumbbells, the hands hold dumbbells parallel to the body.

Exercise # 3

Become straight, grasp hands behind chair and make smooth swings one leg alternately back and to the side. Don’t stop and rest. Then change the leg.

Exercise # 4

Become straight, feet spread slightly wider than shoulders. Do squats, taking buttocks back as far as possible, as if to sit down on an imaginary chair. Then slowly rise to the starting position. You can squat with dumbbells.

Exercise # 5

Lie on your back, place your hands at your sides, bend your knees and pull your socks closer to the buttocks. Leaning on hands, lift the pelvis and take the bridge, the maximum straining muscles of buttocks. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Then return to the starting position.

Exercise # 6

Get on all fours, straighten one leg and make swings up and turns one or the other leg.

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Exercise # 7

Lie on your right side, bend your arm at the elbow and back of her head. Single straight leg raise the maximum above the floor. Straining the muscles of the buttocks, hold this position as long as possible and slowly lower your leg. Repeat 5-8 times and then change position for the other foot.

Как натренировать подтянутую попу за две недели: топ упражнений

Regularly and faithfully carrying out the complex of exercises for buttocks you will get noticeable results.

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