How to sit behind the wheel: an instructional video that will keep your life

Як правильно сидіти за кермом: відеоінструкція, яка збереже ваше життя

Physicians are reminded about correct posture at the wheel

Correct landing at the wheel is not elusive substance, but a set of very specific and clearly defined rules that are produced specially in order to make driving safe. To drive the driver does not have stiff joints, so he wasn’t tired and he was sleepy.

Of course, correct driving is taught in driving school. But, let’s be honest, how many average driver makes knowledge after the training? Therefore, Jaguar decided to once again remind all drivers to sit behind the wheel correctly, and with the help of the chief doctor of Jaguar Land Rover Dr. Steve Riley created the video with the correct position of the driver in the car.

That’s what advises to pay attention Steve Riley

Before you get in the car, empty your pockets. Under the “all” in this case refers to keys, a purse, a stuffed thrush and other little things that you used to wear in jeans or pants for weeks.

Sit deep in your chair so that your buttocks rested on the back.

“I really never met the drivers who would sit on the edge of the chair, but the world is still a very big place,” commented the paragraph Steve Isley.

After making sure that the back pressed against the back of the chair, adjust it so that the spine and pelvis were in a straight line. You have, most likely you will want to slightly lean forward, but this is wrong.

Як правильно сидіти за кермом: відеоінструкція, яка збереже ваше життя

Proper planting has a positive effect on the driver

The correct distance to the pedals is determined by the bend of the knees. Legs should be slightly bent. You can check this by placing the foot near the pedal (or while pressing the brake pedal to the maximum).

The same applies to hands. They should be slightly bent at the elbows and touch the steering wheel. Steve Riley separately notes that the shoulders should touch the seat back, even in those moments when you turn the steering wheel. The head restraint should be at the top of the head.

Watch our instructional video that shows how it all should look like in practice:

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