How to return the elasticity of blood vessels, and cease forever to freeze?

Effective traditional methods.

Як  повернути еластичність судин і перестати вічно мерзнути?

Constantly cold extremities, unusual noises in the ears and persistent headaches, weather sensitivity, reports Rus.Media… This series can be supplemented endlessly. Everything you need to know is the signs of loss of elasticity of vessels and appropriate ways to strengthen them.

What do we know about the vessels

The length of the network of blood vessels in the human body is about ten thousand kilometers. And their main indicator is the elasticity, is associated by most doctors with indicators of the status of the body. Because most diseases originate exactly where the figure and characteristics of the endless circulatory network has been broken.

The implementation of protective and restorative measures is possible only in the complex. It must contain the normalization of food, mandatory physical activity (moderate), water treatments and more. So, the rejection of fatty foods and the regular contrast shower – what you need to start!

Traditional medicine for vascular health

A few simple recipes that allow you to restore vascular elasticity:

You need to pour a tablespoon of hawthorn with a Cup of hot boiled water. After aging in a closed container for 2 hours, the composition needs to drain. Make it is recommended on the number of meals strictly to them.

If you are concerned about stable blood circulation, you need 20 grams of crushed pine needles and 20 grams of onion peel mixed with 30 grams of washed oats pour boiling water. It is desirable to add to the boiling water still rose. Infuse the mixture is recommended during the day, then strain and drink a day not more than 1.5 liters.

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You can also take 100 grams of sage and 1 liter of vodka. To the mixture add 1.5 liters of water and then leave for months. After draining, the composition is taken 1 times a day after waking up. The duration of the course until the complete exhaustion of the prepared stock.

To clear the vessels, it is recommended that a tablespoon of burdock root mixed with a glass of water. The mixture boil for 10 minutes. After an hour of infusion of the composition filter and drink 100 ml before meals 3 times a day.

In order to enhance elasticity and cleaning of blood vessels can take 200 grams of minced garlic and pour a liter of vodka. Insist blend better within 10 days in the refrigerator in a closed container. It is recommended to take 2 times a day before meals by mixing a few drops of tincture with 100 ml of water.

We also recommend to try to make an infusion on the kidneys of the birch. To do this, a small number of them filled with 1.5 l of vodka and insist 2 weeks. After straining, the composition is used in an amount of 15 drops up to 3 times a day.

Simple and proven by many people and traditional methods of cleansing and strengthening the blood vessels works just fine. Prepare yourself one of the warehouses and you will feel the effect and improvement of health. Be healthy!

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