How to relax on the plane during turbulence

Aerophobia still exists in certain people. Most often the reason for concern becomes turbulence.

Як розслабиться в літаку під час турбулентності

Every year aircraft are becoming better and more technologically advanced, reports Rus.Media. Air transport is included in most secure vehicles. However, aerophobia as before there are certain people. Most often the reason for concern becomes turbulence.

Some passengers think that experienced pilots don’t fall into the turbulence. In fact, neither skills nor qualification does not affect the success of passing a turbulent flow. Most of the flight the aircraft is moving under the control of the autopilot. The degree of shaking depends on atmospheric conditions and aircraft weight. Inside heavy aircraft action of turbulence felt weaker.

In order to feel comfortable in air transport, first of all, we sat in the airplane seat, to configure it correctly. This will help you to reduce the discomfort.

On the verge of reach have things that will help you escape. During turbulence you will not be able to read the book, so to look at the screen of the smartphone or tablet of your favorite movie, TV show or listen to some soothing music.

Packs for vomit, too, need to have a number. Perhaps they do not need, but you will be less nervous. If you bring in hand Luggage of such a package, ask the package the crew members. Before make sure that the package is capable of holding liquid.

Before flying it is advisable to learn a few breathing exercises that help to relax. They will help to reduce stress levels in the plane.

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Instead of having to strain during turbulence on the plane, focus on relaxing the muscles to move against the turbulence. It can be hard to do, but it really helps to calm down the plane that hit turbulence.

The plane is worth to remember about other types of transport. Think about how often you jump in the car when moving on a rough road. Or remember how you ride the bike. Driving the shaking is worse than on the plane.

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