How to recline the chair to the plane, to avoid trouble

Як правильно відкидати спинку крісла в літаку, аби уникнути неприємностей

Never give back immediately after boarded the plane

Recline your seat in the plane had everyone repeatedly. But how to do it so as not to cause resentment of the passenger sitting behind you? Try to understand!

Although most of us try to be attentive and careful when you recline the backrest of his seat during the flight, among the passengers and those who do it only sits in the plane, which irritates the passengers seated in the rear.

According to the expert on the behavior of Judy James, most people are not to blame: “This is a mistake of designers who have come up to the chairs recline,” said she.

The specialist noted, passengers who lean back shortly after boarding the plane – this is the type of people who are able to disconnect from what’s happening around and not feel absolutely any emotion.

“Until they feel right, they don’t care about the neighbors,” sums up D. James.

The etiquette expert William Hanson said that the tilting of the seat in flight is an integral part of the process of flights, so those who don’t like it, better not to fly.

“Take the ship, drive a car or travel in business class”, – the expert recommends.

Як правильно відкидати спинку крісла в літаку, аби уникнути неприємностей

In rare cases, the passenger in front does not lower the backrest

In General, if a passenger wants to recline the chair, it needs to follow two simple rules. They are, in fact, will help to avoid any conflict with the person sitting in the back. First, the lower back needs only after the meal, after the dishes were removed. Secondly, it is necessary to always warn the personthat sits behind. She needs to know about your intention to “kick the bucket”.

Many airlines have been trying to solve the problem of the chairs recline. So, American carrier Delta Air Lines has restricted the number of seats that allow passengers to fold down the backrest. British Airways really made a decision to get rid of these seats on short-haul flights. Airline Qantas went ahead and implements all of the Premium Economy seats which not simply fall back, and together with the whole chair moves forward and slightly down. In addition, the rear side seats are equipped with a small donation. All this allows the passenger who sits in the back, almost not feel discomfort from tilting the seat to its neighbor.

And you reject the seat during the flight?

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