How to reach multiple orgasm in just a few seconds

American accidentally discovered how to achieve long multiple orgasm in just 10 seconds.

Як досягнути багаторазового оргазму за кілька секунд

Multiple orgasm up to a minute – it’s real. Moreover, this can be easily achieved in under ten seconds. To such conclusion the American Joan Dresdel.

It all started with the fact that Joan, a lonely 49-year-old lady was cleaning my apartment. In the course of cleaning in the vacuum cleaner nozzle got a piece of rubber. The woman tried to pull it out, but felt a mild stimulation of the fingers. At this point her head and came up with the idea about using the cleaner for other purposes.

At that time, an elderly American woman for 15 years never had sex. So it’s no surprise that after a few hours she personally felt “improved” vacuum cleaner on your Clit. Based on it created a special swirl vibrator is a special sex toy that connects to the vacuum cleaner. It leads women to multiple and long-lasting orgasm in a few seconds.
Vortex vibrator concentrates the flow of air from the pipe cleaner. This creates a fast but gentle vibration, with the result that to achieve orgasm is not even necessary to touch the body.
A new sex device already went on sale in the UK. Price vortex vibrator is 35 pounds.

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